We want to THANK YOU GOD for giving us this opportunity to come together and to know you more .We really blessed to be with Prayer Time. Prayer Time's Vision is to help people realize their potentials, dignity and to help them to create their own destiny by making them self-reliant. Prayer Time's Mission is to work among children, elderly, women and youth of deprived communities Dear friends, God wants you to know today. He has your life in this palm of His hand. You don't need to worry about anything. The kingdom of God--His righteousness, peace, and love--reigns within you. You can access it any time by quieting your mind and focusing on God. Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted in the nations --God. Take a moment and invite God's kingdom into your life. He will fill you with amazing peace and joy. The kingdom of God is within you--Jesus

Faith has neither bulk nor weight, for it is what you do. Jesus spoke of faith as a mustard seed (Luke 17:6) referring to something tiny with huge potential. Perhaps today, he might speak of faith as a fuse. Tiny as it is, transmits the awesome power generated in power stations to our homes. Without it, every appliance is useless, unable to draw from that power. As believers, we know what we believe and who we believe. Believing tests us. Taking God’s Word at face value, accepting its divine authority, we plug into the very power-source of God! Faith is the vital link. By it, the energies of Heaven flow into the world. The greatness of God, of the work of Christ, of the Word of God is all there, but without faith, as small as a fuse wire, none of that greatness avails. The circuit is broken. But once connected, the fuse shows the effects of the power surging through it. It warms up! Faith makes us dynamic, exuberant, and excited! Please check your faith-fuse today.